Retail Video Analytics alt Product Demo Leverage AI and convert existing CCTV footage into shopper insights for increased sales and conversion while identifying patterns realtime alt Product Demo Leverage AI and convert existing CCTV footage into actionable insights for increased operational efficiency Business Intelligence E-Surveillance alt Product Demo Leverage AI to analyze existing CCTV footage to identify and alert on threats in a real-time manner for enhanced safety and efficiency

Retail Eye

Shopper Intelligence – Know your Customers

Uncover shopping patterns & gain visibility across all your stores in real time to make accurate data based business decisions, all on the go, using Tango Eye web app.

Analyse Shopper Footfall

Understand Customer Demographics

Breakdown Concentration Heatmap

Interpret Customer Sentiment & Contactless Feedback Analysis

Manager Eye

Operational Efficiency – Manage your workplace better

Remotely monitor the performance of your workforce by way of key indicators for effective manpower planning and prioritize workforce attention to valuable events to improve business operations.

Contactless CCTV Attendance

Measure Workforce Efficiency

Monitor SOP Compliance

Understand Customer Service Time and Quality

Secure Eye

Safe & Secure Environments – Predictive Security Alerts

Implement intelligent fraud management to convert surveillance videos into insights and identify high risk suspicious behaviors to prevent security threats, complete with real-time alerts & traceability dashboard.

Identify Suspicious Behaviour and Objects

Intrusion Detection

Leftover Baggage Detection

Live Alerts & Traceability Dashboard


Seamless, Intelligent, Real-Time

Why Tango Eye

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    Zero CapEx

    Use your existing CCTV infrastructure

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    Seamlessly increase the No.of locations monitored by Tango Eye

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    Download and run Tango Eye in just a few mins

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    Intelligent Insights

    Gain access to our insightful dashboard with user customization



Visitor Footfall Insights

Evaluate Concentration Heatmap

Understand Shopper Sentiment

Benchmark and Track Efficiency of Staff

Monitor Process Compliance


Capture Check in Denials

Cleaning & Hygiene Compliance

Intrusion & Weapon Detection

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Footfall & Demographics Analysis

Cloud Kitchen

Operations & Hygiene SOP Compliance

Protective Equipment Detection

Social Distancing among employees

Intrusion Detection



SOP Monitoring

Cleaning & Hygiene Compliance

Average Wait time of visitors

Waiting Room Occupancy

Footfall Analysis & Manpower Planning

Smart Buildings

Parking Control

License Plate Recognition

High Risk Object/Activity Detection

Crowd Detection

Intrusion Detection


Cash Withdrawal Monitoring

Cash Deposit Monitoring

ATM Suspicious Behaviour Monitoring

Footfall Analysis & Manpower Planning

Customer Service Time & Quality

Customers we work for


People who make our product more special

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